Give your customers a seamless, transparent translation experience with a branded Smartcat portal

Increase your sales & conversion rates and position yourself as a tech-savvy, modern LSP with advanced technology tools.

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Killer features

Seamless process

Have you ever thought how much time you spend processing customer requests via endless email threads? Forget that hassle and start getting new orders right to your Smartcat account.

Easy and fast quotations for your customers

Get notified whenever a customer submits an order and quote the price right from your Smartcat UI. The portal will request the customer to confirm the project, and you can start working. No more lost quotes or delayed projects!

Online progress tracking and order history

Both you and your customer can see the order progress in real time, as well as any past orders. As soon as you mark a project as completed, the customer can download the translation in one click.

Simple payments across the globe

No matter where your customer is, they will get the most convenient payment options: either a wire transfer or a bank card payment. The payment will go to your Smartcat balance, where you can either withdraw it or pay your own freelancers.

Increase your sales and conversion with Client Portal

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Improve your processes and increase your margins

Don’t waste your PMs’ time

Your managers do not need to leave Smartcat any more. All orders instantly appear in Smartcat, with statistics and quotes calculable automatically.

Never lose an order

No orders are lost in email, file exchanges or messengers anymore. Every order is tracked and managed in one streamlined process with transparent reporting.

Pay your suppliers directly

Use customers’ payments to pay your own suppliers directly from your Smartcat balance, without wasting time on searching and filling out freelancers payment credentials.

Customize your customer’s experience according to your brand guidelines

A custom URL makes your portal look like a native part of your website. You can change colors, fonts, graphics, and even email templates. Make your customer feel at home and even using the portal as a landing page for customer acquisition!

Increase your sales and conversion with Client Portal

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