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Smartcat’s CAT (“computer-assisted translation”) editor combines a unique mix of features designed to help translators boost their productivity and ensure a high quality of services. Smartcat makes work easier and faster for linguists by offering them powerful, intuitive and free-to-use technology.

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Simply upload your files to Smartcat and assign selected contributors to the project.

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All project participants have access to constantly updated translation memories, glossaries and quality assurance checks.

The whole team can benefit from reusing centralized, readily available and dynamically updated translation assets.

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In Smartcat, you can manage projects and tasks without shooting emails back and forth, thereby compromising your data security. You have full control over your data and who can access it.

Safe, secure and reliable, the Smartcat environment can conveniently be accessed from anywhere in the world as it requires nothing more than a browser.

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As a freelance linguist with 15+ years of experience in translations, mostly technical, I’ve tried various offline and online software throughout my career, including paid tools. What makes Smartcat my solution of choice is its CAT editor’s productivity-enhancing capabilities, such as its Translation Memory function, automatic Quality Assurance check. I must admit that MT can also come in handy for some tasks. Ensuring high quality and consistency of translations has never been easier for me. Great work, Smartcat team!

Virginia Monti,

freelance translator
from English to Spanish

I’ve been a Smartcat user since the platform’s early days, and it never fails to deliver, constantly adding new great features and improvements. When working with an LSP, you sometimes need to comply with requirements, such as the file format the translation needs to be delivered in. Smartcat makes it easy for me to upload content in almost any file type, including images and PDFs, while also giving me direct access to all the common CAT-related features I need and beyond so I can get the job done on time and deliver the best quality possible. I totally recommend Smartcat to any linguist out there looking to enhance your workflow. At least consider trying it — it’s free and really easy to get started even if you’ve had no experience with CAT tech before.

Emma Momoko Tanaka,

freelance translator
from English to Japanese

Me and my partner are running a translation agency. We’re always on the lookout for the best practices in our work, so a while ago we’ve decided to research our options for switching from a combination of different standalone software to a single all-in-one solution. Smartcat fit the bill for us perfectly. Surprisingly, none of the in-house or freelance linguists we work with had any serious challenges settling into the new environment. Our observation is that Smartcat’s CAT tool generally helps translators get their job done faster and better than were previously possible. According to the translators themselves, the advantages of Smartcat include its extensive range of productivity tools, user-friendly UI and the fact that all your resources are conveniently stored in the cloud. Six months in, we’re happy with our decision.

Joshua Velasquez,





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