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Bring your whole team together. Translate in context. Collaborate in real time.

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Team up

We don’t count seats — bring on board as many users as you need at no cost for you.

Invite your whole team over, in-house or freelance, so that they can work in a single environment.

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No more splitting docs and exchanging emails.

Simply upload your files to Smartcat and assign selected contributors to the project.

Translators and editors can work on a document simultaneously seeing the full context and communicating in real time.

All project participants have access to constantly updated translation memories, glossaries and quality assurance checks.

The whole team can benefit from reusing centralized, readily available and dynamically updated translation assets.

Take control of your data

In Smartcat, you can manage projects and tasks without shooting emails back and forth, thereby compromising your data security. You have full control over your data and who can access it.

Safe, secure and reliable, the Smartcat environment can conveniently be accessed from anywhere in the world as it requires nothing more than a browser.

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Extend Smartcat features using our API: connect it to your tools and services, exchange data, make it seamless.

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