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Smartcat can identify all terms in a text and indicate the correct translation (based on your glossary) regardless of a word’s grammatical form.

Translation Memory

Translators can see matches from your centralized TM. All they have to do is insert matches and start editing. Final translation versions are automatically saved, so your TM grows without any additional work.

Automatic quality assurance

Detect more than 20 types of mistakes in real time.


Translators and editors can leave comments about an entire document or individual segments.

Machine translation

Choose one of the built-in engines or connect your own machine translation engine.


Always on hand for translators.

$ 0

translation automation with
no license payments


increase in translation


or better improvement
in translation speed

up to70%

savings on similar
translation jobs

Save up to 70% of your budget

All translations are automatically saved to a translation memory (TM). When similar sentences are encountered in future source texts, the existing translation is re-used automatically, which ensures consistency and saves you money.

Integrate with existing systems

The Smartcat API snaps in hassle-free to existing corporate IT infrastructure. New content is pushed (automatically or with a single click) to Smartcat and the ready translation is seamlessly delivered back.

Boost speed by 20 to 30% with real-time translator collaboration

Smartcat lets in-house translators, freelancers, and even language service providers (LSPs) work together on the same document in real time. Translators collaborating on a project can coordinate with each other about terminology, all from within the system.

Cloud or server? The choice is yours!

Smartcat is available in both cloud and server versions. Choosing the cloud, you can be sure that projects are protected in a secure account accessible only to users with the proper credentials. Smartcat uses the encrypted HTTPS protocol – a major advantage over email, which is unencrypted and offers no control over data access.

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  • All project participants have access to the same reference materials and Translation Memory. Text quality improves significantly, thanks to uniform style and consistent use of terminology.
  • Translators, editors, project managers, and even clients can communicate and discuss a single segment or the document as a whole.

Multiple translators and editors can work on the same document at the same time.

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