Volatia is an integrated network of linguists that supports more than 280 languages in three modes: onsite, over-the-phone, and through video remote solutions, 24/7/365. Through innovation and strategic partnerships, Volatia found its place in the rapidly changing translation industry and currently offers services throughout the US.

Volatia was founded in 2003 by Baraka Kasongo, who came to the United States with his family in 2001 as refugees and experienced firsthand the many disparities individuals with limited English proficiency suffer. He thus founded Volatia to mitigate the linguistic and cultural imbalance that exists in communities around the world.

“The ability to communicate with others is a fundamental human right,” says Kasongo. “It is the basis to our freedom of speech. Our mission is to provide language interpretation and translation services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our partnership with Smartcat has made it simple and measurable. Together with Smartcat, we’re planning to build a global professional ecosystem using cutting-edge technologies and expand our network to the benefit of both companies.”

“Smartcat is building a platform for linguists, LSPs, and end customers where they can work together to achieve their goals,” says Arseniy Konov, Head of Marketing at Smartcat. “Volatia has a great network of professionals who can use Smartcat’s translation ecosystem for their professional benefit. We believe that Volatia will help us expand our partner network in the Americas.”