New SmartCAT features for translation agencies: tracking the progress of every freelancer

We believe that a professional tool is not necessarily a cumbersome one. That’s why we have enhanced SmartCAT with new capabilities allowing you to coordinate work on a translation project with the minimum of effort. (more…)

Profiles in Courage: How to Showcase Yourself to Get More Clients and More Jobs

These days, freelancers have plenty of sites where they can look for work. And if you sign up on SmartCAT, translation work can find you automatically! Getting those first jobs from a new client is harder when you have an empty profile, however. So what we advise is to take a minute and learn how a properly completed profile, combined with a well-done portfolio, can get clients to beat a path to your door. (more…)

Living Life on Your Own Terms: Career Advice from a Digital Nomad

Do you dream of the freedom of the open road? As someone who has cut the cord on the 9-to-5 grind, Jacob Laukitis recently wrote an article on Medium about the new lifestyle opportunities available for digital nomads. He kindly agreed to answer questions from the SmartCAT (more…)