Learning the Ropes: Webinars for Translators

SmartCAT is a cloud-based platform that’s so easy to use, translators can get started right away. When questions come up, we invite translators to participate in our webinars. (more…)

Profiles in Courage: How to Showcase Yourself to Get More Clients and More Jobs

These days, freelancers have plenty of sites where they can look for work. And if you sign up on SmartCAT, translation work can find you automatically! Getting those first jobs from a new client is harder when you have an empty profile, however. So what we advise is to take a minute and learn how a properly completed profile, combined with a well-done portfolio, can get clients to beat a path to your door. (more…)

“Translation Is More Than Just Replacing One Word With Another”: The Story of Elena Renard

The star of our blog today is Elena Renard, a professional translator who won the SmartCAT Work & Surf contest by translating 168,875 words in the course of 2 months. Elena has agreed to share her story, one full of travelling and lifehacks for freelancers. Check it out! (more…)