smartCAT Release 59 “Bolivia”: New Freelancer Services and more

Freelancers can now add new services (e.g., interpreting and copywriting), corporate users can generate API keys from the UI. Learn more from this post!

SmartCAT Release 58.2 Maracaibo: NMT, Trados TMs, and more

Neural machine translation, uploading Trados translation memories, inserting placeables, parsing in-string HTML, and more — don’t miss SmartCAT Release 58.2 Maracaibo! (more…)

Boosting Productivity with Translation Memory and Glossaries

Linguistic resources, including translation memories and glossaries, can be the most valuable part of any CAT tool. Today, we’ll look into how corporate translation departments rely on these materials and how they help businesses save money. This article is best suited for people who still don’t work with translation memories and glossaries or who’ve just forgotten how easy they are to use. (more…)

Learning the Ropes: Webinars for Translators

SmartCAT is a cloud-based platform that’s so easy to use, translators can get started right away. When questions come up, we invite translators to participate in our webinars. (more…)

Big SmartCAT Update: advanced segment filtering and other presents

On the eve of the big holidays, we have packed in a few presents for translators and project managers. So take a peek at what we have for you! (more…)

Making the Perfect Glossary

Every professional translator is familiar with the process of creating and adding to glossaries. These lists of specialized terms save time and promote consistency. So, knowing something about translation and glossary creation ourselves, we’d like to share our advice for freelancers wondering how to create glossaries and get the most out of them. (more…)

Auto-propagation and number auto-replacement added to SmartCAT

SmartCAT has two new features you should know about: number auto-replacement and auto-propagation of repeating segments. Both these capabilities have been hotly requested by users, we hope they will help you to translate more quickly and efficiently! (more…)