SmartCAT Update: Manual Resegmentation, Editing Mode for Project Managers, and Batch Assignment of Documents

Three new important features have been added in this release (more…)

SmartCAT Work & Surf: results are in!

The SmartCAT Work & Surf contest from ABBYY Language Services came to an end this last week. Translators from all over the world competed to win a tropical island getaway, with the chance to combine work and sun for one month. (more…)

SmartCAT Release Update: Progress Bar in the Editor & Extra Services Purchasing

In this update, we have added real-time progress updates in the Editor as well as the ability to purchase third-party services.

SmartCAT 31: Release Notes

The main changes in this version of SmartCAT relate to video guides, quality assurance, dictionary use, and technical support. Details are set out below and, as always, we will be glad to receive your input and suggestions. (more…)

SmartCAT 30: Release Notes

Greetings! We have updated SmartCAT again and made a handful of changes we hope will be helpful to you. These changes concern progress tracking and tags. (more…)

SmartCAT 29: Release Notes

Greetings! We’ve been busy improving and tweaking SmartCAT, so we will be regularly showing how to make the most of its new features. More updates are in store! Changes in this release concern sentence auto-capitalization as well as document segmentation. (more…)