5 key takeaways from the “Understanding Transcreation” webinar

Last Thursday, we had a fantastic webinar on transcreation with Tanya Quintieri. Here are five key takeaways from it, pertaining to questions that will surely be of interest for anyone keen on the topic. (more…)

5 key takeaways from the “Running a Translation Agency” webinar

Last Thursday, we had a webinar with Cherie Plaice for freelancers interested in starting/running a translation agency. In this article, we revisit the main points discussed during it. (more…)

5 key takeaways from the “Social Media for Translators” webinar

Last week, we gave a webinar on mastering social media for translators. In this post we’re summing up the most important questions you asked, and we answered, during the webinar. (more…)

Smart Ways #13: SmartCAT Certified, free webinar for aspiring freelancers, and more!

As luck may have it, our 13th issue comes in a week following Friday the 13th. But we will not post yet other 13 fun facts about this date. Instead, we will focus on much more fortunate things. (more…)

Smart Ways #9: Per Aspera Ad Astra

Hey there! Today, we’ll talk about future. Will it be a future that awaits us around the corner — or the future we will build ourselves? We believe that everything is in our hands, and through our joint professionalism and enthusiasm we can make the world of translation a much better place. (more…)