SmartCAT Release 58.2 Maracaibo: NMT, Trados TMs, and more

Neural machine translation, uploading Trados translation memories, inserting placeables, parsing in-string HTML, and more — don’t miss SmartCAT Release 58.2 Maracaibo! (more…)

SmartCAT Release 58 Caracas: website widget, LSP marketplace, and more!

We’re excited about every new release of SmarCAT, but “Caracas” is something truly revolutionary. It turns the platform into a full-fledged ecosystem that all translation businesses, whether individual or incorporated, can use for their direct benefit. (more…)

SmartCAT Release 57 “Colombia”

No one wants to work in the last week of the year. No one except us! Today we are rolling out release 57 “Colombia,” which includes a classy new workspace design, better payment UX, and a few other small but nifty features.


SmartCAT Release 56 “Chile”

We are glad to share some hot news and introduce to you the new SmartCAT Release 56 “Chile” — we’ve prepared some spicy new features for you! (more…)

SmartCAT Release 55 “Brazil”

SmartCAT release 55 “Brazil” brings some hot new features that make working in SmartCAT even more easy and convenient for freelancers and companies alike. Bem-vindo ao Brasil! (more…)

Trados Packages in SmartCAT!

Trados Packages are a half-cure for SDL users and a headache for the rest. But now you can create SmartCAT projects from them, and this is huge. Read on to know why.

SmartCAT 31: Release Notes

The main changes in this version of SmartCAT relate to video guides, quality assurance, dictionary use, and technical support. Details are set out below and, as always, we will be glad to receive your input and suggestions. (more…)