SmartCAT Release 56 “Chile”

We are glad to share some hot news and introduce to you the new SmartCAT Release 56 “Chile” — we’ve prepared some spicy new features for you! (more…)

Smart Ways #6: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

We dedicate this week’s digest to the great translators of the past and the present with several brilliant articles on the subject. Other topics include getting started with social media marketing, translating “just to understand” orders, and top soft skills to look for in localization project managers.  (more…)

5 Key Soft Skills for Localization Project Managers

Good localization project managers combines necessarily specific hard skills and broader soft skills that might not be as obvious. In this guest post, Michele Cerioni of Adaptive Business Group shares the company’s valuable insights into the subjects. (more…)

Smart Ways #3: Transcreation, Words We Don’t Have, Fabula, and More

From visiting translation events to telling your stories and from learning new words to switching professions, here are five ideas on what you can do in the next seven days. (more…)

SmartCAT Update for More Speed

The keyword for this update is “speed”. Translation managers often face the following request from their customers, “Could you translate this file ASAP? We needed it back yesterday.” (more…)