SmartCAT updated for localization ease

In this SmartCAT update, we have added features to make life easier for app and game localizers. Other additions include OCR correction and auto-localization of number formats. (more…)

The Next Web: Life just got a whole lot easier for freelance translators

Translation of written text is one of the few areas where computers still have a lot of space for improvement compared to humans. (more…)

SmartCAT update: convenient task assignment

We have updated the button bar in the Editor, sped up progress calculation, and added support for the Thai language. Read on to learn about other important changes. (more…)

Time to localize: China overtakes U.S. in App Store downloads

In Q1 2015, Chinese users downloaded iOS apps 30% more than they did in the same period last year. This was enough to put China over the top, surpassing the United States to become the #1 market for iOS app downloads (more…)

“Using My Idol is Like Math”: Solving the Translation Equation with SmartCAT

SmartCAT, which enables app developers to overcome language barriers thanks to an Uber-like translation marketplace, has made its entry into the U.S. market this April. Conversely, developers are actively looking for new approaches to localization. (more…)