“If I can do it, anybody can”: Interview with Maximiliano Diaz

In our first Smartcatters interview, we meet Maximiliano Diaz. Max is only starting his way in the translation profession, but has already made some points that will make you think. And if you are an aspiring translator in need of motivation, you just have to read this! (more…)

Smart Ways #11: Here’s to 2017!

The year is approaching its final days, but we still have time to learn a bit, don’t we? Here’s what we have for you in the (second) celebratory issue of Smart Ways. (more…)

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the last week of December and the end of the year is heading our way at a fast pace. No matter if it concerns personal or business matters, we are looking back at this time of the year. We try to remember and relive the best things that happened and forget the worse ones. At the same time we look forward somewhat cautiously, not yet ready to accept the stress of a new year. So this is the right moment to talk about a somewhat uneasy subject: New Year’s resolutions. (more…)