9 ways to recognize translation scammers

In this post we discuss the typical translation scam, how to tell translation scammers from real translators, and the difficulties that scammers create for professional translators.


13 Unfortunate Reactions Freelancers Get About Freelancing

Ever tell someone you’re a freelancer and have them look at you funny? Have your friends or family ever advised you about getting a “real” job? Does the idea of telling people you’re a freelance writer make you cringe? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, I have to tell you… You’re not alone.

5 Amazing Translation Gadgets of the Future

In this guest post, translator and copywriter Isabella Massardo talks about some exciting trends in translation hardware. From talking megaphones to gloves that can translate American Sign Language, these gadgets will thrill the geek in you — or at least make your Friday. (more…)