6 ways good translation agencies can be better than direct clients

Direct translation clients seem to be the Holy Grail to many of my freelancer colleagues. Better rates, more direct communication, increased likeliness to be credited… There are many apparent advantages in working without a middleman. In reality, there are all sorts of direct clients, just like there are all sorts of agencies, and in some cases the latter may be your best option. (more…)

13 Unfortunate Reactions Freelancers Get About Freelancing

Ever tell someone you’re a freelancer and have them look at you funny? Have your friends or family ever advised you about getting a “real” job? Does the idea of telling people you’re a freelance writer make you cringe? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, I have to tell you… You’re not alone.

“If I can do it, anybody can”: Interview with Maximiliano Diaz

In our first Smartcatters interview, we meet Maximiliano Diaz. Max is only starting his way in the translation profession, but has already made some points that will make you think. And if you are an aspiring translator in need of motivation, you just have to read this! (more…)

10 questions from aspiring freelance translators

We recently gave a webinar that was meant to help translators start their freelancing careers and overcome the challenges they might face along the way. Some of the questions asked during the webinar made me want to write a separate article to make the answers accessible to those who prefer reading. (more…)

5 Major Challenges of Becoming a Freelance Translator (and How to Overcome Them)

Being a freelance translator is great. But becoming one requires facing a number of challenges, not all of which are obvious at first. In this post, we’ll try to identify the most prominent challenges, and provide a few clues as to how to overcome them — in the end, the solutions you implement will always be quite unique to you.

5 Fun Ideas to Let Translators Gamify Their Work with Habitica

Translating is fun, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be made funner. Today we’ll see how you can bring more entertainment to your usual tasks and chores with Habitica, the gamified task management app.


Smart Christmas!

It’s hard to choose a gift for someone who is already gifted — and translators are! We thought hard, and decided that the best gift would be the one of knowledge! That’s why in this festive issue of Smart Ways we are giving you not one, but five amazing webinars. (more…)