New SmartCAT features for translation agencies: tracking the progress of every freelancer

We believe that a professional tool is not necessarily a cumbersome one. That’s why we have enhanced SmartCAT with new capabilities allowing you to coordinate work on a translation project with the minimum of effort. (more…)

SmartCAT Update for More Speed

The keyword for this update is “speed”. Translation managers often face the following request from their customers, “Could you translate this file ASAP? We needed it back yesterday.” (more…)

New SmartCAT Features: Cross-File Repetitions and Freelancer Stats

SmartCAT now has tons of new features for both freelancers and corporate clients. The updates address work in the Editor, personal profiles, and machine translation. Let’s get started! (more…)

Learning the Ropes: Webinars for Translators

SmartCAT is a cloud-based platform that’s so easy to use, translators can get started right away. When questions come up, we invite translators to participate in our webinars. (more…)

Living Life on Your Own Terms: Career Advice from a Digital Nomad

Do you dream of the freedom of the open road? As someone who has cut the cord on the 9-to-5 grind, Jacob Laukitis recently wrote an article on Medium about the new lifestyle opportunities available for digital nomads. He kindly agreed to answer questions from the SmartCAT (more…)