7 Smart Ways to Get More Email Replies

Love it or hate it, but writing emails is an inevitable part of being a freelancer or running a translation agency. And the more email replies you get, the higher your changes to get an interesting job or a well-paying customer. In this guest post, David Miralles Pérez of Circa Lingua shares the ways to make your emails more compelling and engaging. (more…)

Smart Ways #6: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

We dedicate this week’s digest to the great translators of the past and the present with several brilliant articles on the subject. Other topics include getting started with social media marketing, translating “just to understand” orders, and top soft skills to look for in localization project managers.  (more…)

5 Reasons to Bring Your Own Clients to SmartCAT

As you know, SmartCAT allows you to find new customers with least effort. But the magic works both ways: If you bring your own clients to the platform, this will give you a number of competitive and professional advantages, which we will discuss in this article. (more…)

3 Reasons Every Freelancer Should Be on SmartCAT

Alright, to get it straight, reasons to be on SmartCAT are many. But let’s try to keep it concise and focus on the three main ones. (more…)