Smartcat is partnering with the organizers of the Wordcon 2017 freelancers' conference. If you are attending the event, make sure not to miss our special offer!


Wordcon 2017 is 2nd International Conference of Freelancers going to be held on 9th February at The Sonnet, Calcutta, India. The objective of Wordcon is to connect Indian freelancers to the global community and create a collaborative platform for all the stakeholders. Wordcon 2017 will witness the launch of Freespace — A Journal of Freelancing and we invite submissions on any theme of Freelancing within 1000 words. Freespace will reach global community of freelancers, upstream clients, players in other sectors and academic researchers. Smartcat is partnering with the event organizers and providing a special offer for its visitors: Every freelancer who visits the event will get 200 free pages of machine translation/image recognition on the platform. We will redeem the offer ourselves based on the lists of freelancers that the organizers will provide us after the conference. See you in Kolkata!

You can find out more about Wordcon 2017 and register for the event here!