The Smartcat Work & Surf contest from ABBYY Language Services came to an end this last week. Translators from all over the world competed to win a tropical island getaway, with the chance to combine work and sun for one month.

This contest is part of our efforts to show translators the benefits of cloud-based CAT tools – among these, the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Smartcat makes this dream a reality. Read on for contest details and winners.


We thank each of the almost 1,500 people who entered the contest. Even Brazilian freelancers took part, although they would seem to have plenty of beaches of their own! Participants translated a total of 2,157,356 words during the contest, with approximately 25% of these (540,549 words) coming from the keyboards of just the top ten wordsmiths.

Only the strongest survive in tropical jungles, however, and only the translator with the most output was to receive this travel opportunity. France-based freelancer Elena Renard was the toughest of the toughest, translating 168,875 words in Smartcat. Félicitations!

We also want to recognize the work of the other top six freelancers: Alexandr Dolgov, Andriy Lapin, Yana Durova, Svetlana Dorokhova, Evgeniya Kuznetsova, and Giuseppe Schiavone. Each of them will receive a bonus package of 50 pages to use as they see fit on premium CAT and machine translation services in Smartcat.

Come back to our blog later this week to read the story of Elena's victory!