We have improved Smartcat performance and added functionality to simplify the localization process for sites and apps.



Translators and editors often encounter placeholders when localizing software, games, and sites. A placeholder is a variable that stands in for a certain value: a name, number, date, or image. Later, these values are inserted automatically which does not affect program code.

Smartcat now supports placeholders from PO, JSON, PHP, and XML files. Just like tags, placeholders are visually marked so that it is easy to copy them to the translation. To do so, you can drag and drop, click a button, or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+#. Quality assurance informs of any placeholder inconsistencies between the source and translation.

Placeholder Menu_EN

You can add custom placeholder formats by using regular expressions. This function can be accessed from the Placeholder Settings menu item.

Improved Performance and Stability

We have migrated to a new database version in this release. This should substantially reduce the likelihood of lags in text input and problems with segment confirmation or blocking. We hope these changes will benefit our loyal Smartcat users!