Three new important features have been added in this release:

Join and Split Segments

Many users have asked for this feature so we are particularly glad to offer it in this release. Now you can change how text is segmented in Smartcat. Resegmenting is currently supported only in the freelancer version, but will be available to corporate users in the near future.

Joining Segments

Splitting Segments

Editing Mode for Project Managers

Sometimes project managers need to correct translations on the fly. Starting in this release, they can open files in a special editing mode that allows editing, commenting, and rejecting segments by returning them to the previous stage of work.


Batch Assignment of Documents

To assign several documents to a single user, select the documents in the project list and click Assign Tasks.


We have also added the possibility to filter glossary terms with multiple translations. You can now easily check glossaries for duplicates and inconsistencies. Simply filter the glossary to view a list of terms that have multiple translations.


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