The keyword for this update is "speed". Translation managers often face the following request from their customers, "Could you translate this file ASAP? We needed it back yesterday."


The new Smartcat tools automate the routine processes a translator project manager at any agency faces.

Quick translator selection

When you desperately need a translator, the new "Turbo" mode is here to help you. Customers used to choose one specialist and send them a message, waiting for the candidate to reply. Sometimes it took all day long – for example, the freelancer had no Internet access and only checked emails in the evening.

Now there is a function to choose several suitable freelancers and invite them all at once. An order would go to the first willing translator, while the others automatically receive refusal.

This feature is particularly useful with several translators simultaneously meeting your requirements.


Quick reception of a translator's agreement or refusal

Once you've chosen a suitable translator, Smartcat sends them an automatically generated letter with all basic data just to understand the task: its type (translation, editing, proofreading), language pair, deadline, rate, and size. Translators might decline orders, thus leaving messages unanswered.

Translation agency managers can now receive instant feedback from translators via the Decline button in messages. In this case, you will immediately see refusal in order to instantly initiate a search for another freelancer.

If a translator likes your order, they will click View Details to be forwarded to the project page. A freelancer may ask customers further questions in chat rooms.


Quickly passing information – complete statistics

For a final decision, a customer needs to know everything about the project – not only its language pair and total words for translation, but also the number of repetitions and TM matches.

Now Smartcat calculates files instead of the manager. It's enough just to load a project, so that the system does all calculations on its own to show to would-be translators.

Quickly elaborating details – extra comments

The subject, language pair, and detailed stats are mostly enough to launch the work, but sometimes customers have to give translators even more information. It might be a comment that this work is for 3 translators or a link to references (Google Docs, articles, etc.).

In fact, project comments that translators receive in messages offer creative opportunities, as customers can specify anything here to facilitate translation.


Now Smartcat offers effective and handy tools for quick freelancer searches and networking. Just 1 click is enough to choose among translators, get their response, and arrange all cooperation conditions.

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