In February, Smartcat signed a partnership with Creative Words, a full-service language services provider based in Genoa, Italy. By using Smartcat as its main translation platform, the company seeks to enhance their project and team management processes, and also leverage Smartcat’s open Marketplace with over 160,000 registered linguists for some of their projects.


Led by Diego Cresceri, who has more than 12 years of experience in localization and content management, Creative Words’ team has the technical skills, innovation and flexibility needed to satisfy and exceed any customer’s requirements. In addition to running Creative Words, Diego Cresceri regularly gives lectures at universities across Italy. Recently, he has been mentioning Smartcat in his speeches proposing it as a free CAT tool for practical training of translation students. The absence of license costs can be a crucial factor for education providers, thus giving the students the opportunity to have a first-hand experience working with modern translation technologies, Diego explains. Besides being a professional-grade yet completely free-to-use translation solution, Smartcat has a simple and fast sign-up process, as well as a user-friendly, intuitive interface that takes only a few minutes to master. Smartcat is already being used to improve training experience at more than a dozen universities and colleges located in the USA, Brazil, Spain, Austria, Russia, and Turkey. Beykent University and Yeditepe University, both located in Istanbul, are where another language professional, Tolga Secilmis has been teaching translation for more than 10 years now. Tolga argues that CAT-tool knowledge is a must for translation students, no matter their future specialization. Despite the fact that CAT technologies are increasingly becoming the industry standard, a considerable number of today’s translation graduates are clueless about how to get started with CAT tools and make the most out of them. According to Tolga, once he was introduced to Smartcat, he has been using it in class ever since.

Tolga SecilmisTranslation Expert & Lecturer tolga_secilmis_noshadow.png

“Some of the students I deal with see the need to learn translation software as a challenge. However, from my experience, students with varying levels of technological proficiency say that Smartcat was a breeze to get started with and fun to explore. That being said, not needing to struggle with reluctance makes teaching more convenient and enjoyable for me. The Smartcat team makes translation technologies more accessible, thus helping translators with any level of experience to work or study more productively.”

In fact, Smartcat’s CAT editor gives users more than most CAT solutions. Designed as an ecosystem rather than a tool, Smartcat enables everyone involved in a translation project, including translators, editors, managers — or lecturers if used in class, — to connect, collaborate and communicate. Also, Smartcat makes creating a translator’s profile and updating your portfolio with recent work easy and frictionless, which can also be an important part of the real-life experience every aspiring translator has to have access to. On top of that, new users can instantly get listed on the Marketplace, which could be the first step to success in their career. By showing great skills and dedication to quality, any freelancer can increase their visibility on the platform and attract potential customers.

Diego CresceriCEO at Creative Words diego_cresceri_noshadow.png

“As Smartcat’s partner, we will be working to build our own big team of professionals we can use for our projects. Compared to other CAT tools, Smartcat is ideal as it does not require any upfront investment. The fact that it’s online and platform-independent is another big plus for our team and for anyone who is just entering the language industry after university. I see a huge gap when it comes to education where translation students have no idea of how CAT tools work once they approach the market. I strive to close this gap through teaching Smartcat at universities and hope that this will eventually give our company access to linguists who are technologically proficient and thus better prepared for the modern workforce.”

Ivan SmolnikovCEO & Founder at Smartcat ivan_circle_noshadow.png

“We at Smartcat realize that it takes more than just developing a feature-rich and commercially successful product to make an impact in our industry. That’s why we’re excited to work with people who recognize that Smartcat has more than just business value, such as Diego. We believe that by equipping the new generation of translation students with state-of-the-art technologies we can give them a competitive advantage and empower the translation community of tomorrow with relevant tools and good practices.”