Latin America continues to bring us amazing opportunities to establish the Smartcat brand and to discover new great partners in this huge market. Meet Quote Translations, a new Smartcat Agency Partner and a Brazil-based LSP striving to build the simplest and most efficient processes for its translators, clients and internal team.

The company currently offers translation, localization and advisory services to companies around the world. Its goal is to become the leading Latin American LSP while operating entirely remotely using cutting-edge technology.

Quote Translations was founded in Campo Grande, Brazil, by Izabel Arruda, Gustavo Bernardino and Victoria Vilasanti in 2017. The three founders are long-time friends who decided to combine their skills and experience — in localization, finance and marketing, respectively — in order to build a successful and innovative business.

“We believe in a more integrated world with fewer barriers,” says Gustavo Bernardino. “And yet, we are the only LSP in Brazil’s Midwest operating with a large number of languages and on international markets. Most Brazilian LSPs tend to stay small and focus only on local market needs. Within that context, our partnership with Smartcat opens up an opportunity to significantly optimize all our business processes, marketing and translations — not to mention simplified vendor management. Most importantly, it gives the Brazilian market access to state of the art localization technologies.”

“Neural technology and AI are significantly changing the translation landscape. Rather than standing idly by, we want to take part in and contribute to this change,” says Izabel Arruda. “Technology is of great importance to us, and we’re particularly pleased with how seamlessly Smartcat can be integrated into our workflow, especially with respect to payments. Smartcat is now a fundamental technological asset for our company, and we believe our clients will value that.”

“At Smartcat, we want to connect everyone in a single, professional, collaborative environment,” says Arseniy Konov, Head of Marketing at Smartcat. “Our platform allows experts, potential customers and LSPs to market their services, use cutting-edge translation tools and connect with each other. We have partnered with Quote Translations to get closer to our Brazilian users.”