In this update, we have added real-time progress updates in the Editor as well as the ability to purchase third-party services.

Progress Bar in the Editor

You can now view your progress directly in the Editor. A progress bar is displayed beneath the project name and updates in real time, showing how close you are to completing the current document. Progress is calculated as the percentage of source words that have been translated. The progress bar is updated every time a segment is confirmed. To see how many words remain, hover the cursor over the progress bar.

Purchasing Third-Party Services

Smartcat is, and will always remain, free for freelancers. Every translator who signs up receives a starter package of 100 pages. These pages can be redeemed for any combination of OCR and machine translation services. OCR is measured in A4 pages. Machine translation is provided in units of "translation pages" equalling 250 words. You can purchase additional packages on your account page. paid_services_en.png