In the last release of the outgoing year, we’re introducing a few more updates and improvements, including a long-awaited feature allowing you to export XLIFF files for offline work and re-import them back to Smartcat.release-singapore.svg

Export XLIFF files to work offline

We’ve finally added a much-requested feature allowing users to export documents in the XLIFF format from Smartcat to edit them using any other compatible tool and then re-import them back. Here’s how it works:

  • Import a document from Smartcat in XLIFF format the same way you would a completed translation.
  • Edit it using any XLIFF-compatible software, including QA tools or even other CAT tools.
  • Once you’re done, export the resulting file from that tool and import it back to Smartcat.
  • The Smartcat document will be updated with the changes you made.

Learn more about working with the XLIFF format in our Help Center. xliff-files-in-smartcat.gif

New corporate profile

We’ve made the corporate profile more convenient to use, faster to load and just plain prettier. Also, it now displays correctly on all browsers. If you hire freelancers on the Marketplace, be sure to complete your corporate profile with information about your company including your payment terms. For example, you might indicate that the pay day is the 20th of each month. All freelancers in Smartcat are paid after delivery, so it’s important for them to know about your business and your payment terms before agreeing to work with you.

Smartcat got faster

Smartcat now works faster than ever with the Marketplace and the Projects pages getting the biggest speed boost. Other pages also take less time to load, while some do not need to reload entirely anymore.

Filtering projects by group

You can now filter projects by group in addition to author, client, and date. Multiple criteria can be combined for improved precision. For example, you can show projects for ACME Corp. grouped in Legal and created by a manager named Steph.

Payouts to a local bank account for Turkish users

If you are a freelancer based in Turkey, you can now receive payouts in TRY right to your local bank account. This payout method will soon be available as an option on the Payments page. In the meantime, you can send us your local bank account details to if you want to opt for it. Learn more about the new payout method in our recent blog post.

Improved support for MIF, PO and YAML files.

We have improved the support for the MIF (Adobe FrameMaker) format by changing the default settings and making sure all fragments are loaded entirely and in the right order. When loading PO files, you can now tick the “Protect HTML tags” checkbox. By doing so, you will hide the HTML content so as not to mess it up by accident. And with YAML files, you can now select either of two segmentation methods — by sentence or ID.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the selection of target languages in multilingual projects.
  • Fixed a bug where machine translation failed for the Azerbaijani language.
  • Fixed a bug where tags would duplicate when using the editor.
  • Fixed an issue in the wiki markup in the “Answers technical support” form.

xmas-lights-768x170.pngThat’s all, folks! We hope you had a really good year (we sure did!) and look forward to an even more productive and successful 2018. Our team keeps growing and we’re thrilled to make Smartcat even more feature-rich, convenient and fast in the coming year. Have a great holiday season! P.S. If you plan to work during the holidays, an assistant will be on duty to help you with any issues you may have.