The latest Release 64 “New Zealand” includes integration with Systran Enterprise Server, an easier way to invite freelancers to projects, new handy API methods designed for managing Team members... Oh, and say “konnichiwa” to the Japanese yen!


Manage Team members faster than ever via API

We’ve added two new methods, POST_Document_AssignMyTeamExecutives and POST account/searchMyTeam. The first one is used for sending out invitations to all the translators in your Team who fit the project requirements and assigning the first to accept the invitation to all available segments. This method can be used for assigning editors and proofreaders as well. When you need to get started as quickly as possible, this can be a life-saver! The second method returns the list of all the freelancers in your Team with the specified language pairs and services.

Integration with Systran Enterprise Server


Systran Enterprise Server users can now integrate the solution with Smartcat and use their private machine translation engine right in the editor. To improve data security when working with machine translation, you can enable SSL encryption in the Systran Enterprise Server settings.

Fewer false positives

We’ve fine-tuned our QA mechanism to make it more accurate in detecting identical segments. The “Source and target are identical” message won’t be bothering you anymore when actually there is no error.

Invite freelancers right from their profiles

We’ve added a new button — “Invite to Project” — to freelancers’ profiles. Clicking it will give you two options: you can either choose an existing project or instantly upload your documents — and then invite the freelancer. The button will save you time in the following scenarios:

  • You found a translator on the Marketplace who seems like a good fit for your project.
  • You received an email notifying you that someone has responded to your job ad or has completed your test assignment. Jump to the candidate’s profile by following the link in the email, and if your project seems like a job for him or her you can get started right away.
  • Your colleague asks you to recommend a good translator. Simply send them a link to the translator’s profile so they can invite that person to their project hassle-free.

inviting-freelancer-from-profile_en.gifWe’ve also made a tiny but time-saving tweak: Search results are now updated automatically after you apply new filters without you needing to click the “Search” button.

Chat notifications for project status updates

Status updates on the projects in which freelancers are involved will now be delivered as chat messages and will appear in notification bubbles right in Smartcat. Freelancers won’t be missing invitations anymore and will be receiving instant updates on their tasks. Customers on the other hand will now able to start the project without delay by assigning the invited freelancer to the task right after receiving a notification that the freelancer has accepted the invitation.

Archived projects issue

On September 23rd, some users received an email stating that all archived projects will be permanently deleted from their account. Normally, Smartcat sends notifications like this one whenever some really old projects are about to be purged from the archive. However, these emails were triggered by an error that had occurred after the latest system update causing all archived projects, including the recent ones, to be flagged for deletion. Following the reports we received from affected users we’ve managed to avoid further damage. Thank you for reporting the problem. We’re super sorry if we made you worry! The automatic archiving feature is intended to help you free up your workspace from older projects. However, you can restore any project from the archive in a single click within a one-year period after deletion.

Japanese yen

As we previously announced, you can now set the rates for your Team members in a currency other than the US dollar. The Japanese yen is now on the list of supported currencies. If you work with a team of translators who are located in the same region as you are, we recommend setting their rates in your local currency so you can take full advantage of Smartcat’s automated billing system.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve fixed the issue reported by Firefox users where pasting text into a segment created duplicate text.
  • We’ve solved the problem that prevented loading of translation memories from Trados Studio packages.

That’s all! We love getting feedback from you so if you have any tricky questions that need to be answered or great ideas you can’t wait to share — get in touch!