Diving head-first into Release 61, codename “Australia”, we’re announcing shiny new features and improvements.


Pay for any services

Freelancers have been able to offer additional services, such as project management, desktop publishing or copywriting for a while now. And now any job can be paid right on the Payments page, just click the “Create freelancer’s task” button and fill up the required fields.


Hire faster

You can now post a job ad on the Marketplace while creating new project. Ticking “Post New Project” at step 3 of the process is all it takes. Freelancers will be able to apply for your job on this page, and you will receive an email for each application.


Zip & Unzip!

You asked us and we’ve done it. You can now upload ZIP files and download translated documents in packages retaining the original folder structure. Zip zip hooray!

New stats

You can now download statistics in Smartcat XLSX format. Besides the usual stuff, it contains the total number of characters with and without spaces. Also, you can find information about segments with digits and symbols only in them. And if you look into the Statistics tab in the project, it’s also there.


Offline but it’s fine

When working offline, segments that are saved to local storage now get a special mark. Also, you will be notified if you run out of disk space. In such case, the work will be suspended without loss of data until the connection is back up.


Türkçe & 汉语

We’re working to make Smartcat more accessible to users around the world, and now it is available in two more languages: Turkish and Chinese.

MT news

  • You can now translate into Afrikaans, Bengali, Filipino and Swahili using Microsoft Translator.
  • Google Neural Machine Translation now supports 14 more languages.

Also, now you can

  • add multiple TMs to the project with a single click in the Project Wizard or on the project page;
  • work with files in MIF format (Adobe FrameMaker) and documentation created in Help+Manual software. XML topic format is now supported in beta. Drop us a line to be the first to try.

Other improvements

  • Productivity Services, formerly Paid Services, can be accessed from the left menu.
  • When uploading XLIFF files, only segments with certain statuses are confirmed by default.
  • HTML files are now divided into smaller segments.

Bug off, bugs!

  • We’ve been working hard lately to keep the cursor at bay. For instance, it won’t be skipping to the next segment whenever it’s next to a tag at the beginning of the line.
  • Glossary terms don’t remain highlighted after moving on to another segment anymore.
  • Concordance search works properly in all accounts.
  • TMX files can be re-imported correctly.
  • After setting a translation memory to the Write mode, you won’t need to refresh the page.
  • When splitting documents, unassigned freelancers don’t get reset anymore.
  • After confirming freelancer settings in the project, Error 500 won’t show up anymore.
  • When uploading documents via the API, placeholders can now be configured.

Improved load balancing

So what?”, you might ask. Well, basically this resulted in increased system performance, which means Smartcat works faster now.

And... external Tag

If you work with Smartcat using the API, here’s another one for you: we added a new parameter “externalTag” to the project model. You can store your project’s name, ID and tag in it in your project management system. The values can be used, for example, to filter long lists of projects.

Okay, this is it. Do any of these improvements make you happy? Maybe something’s missing? We’re probably already working on that, but if you let us know you just can’t wait for it, we’ll be sure to double-check our priorities. And if there’s any problem you want to report, we’re all ears! Fair dinkum, we’ll fix it!