Freelancers can now add new services (e.g., interpreting and copywriting), corporate users can generate API keys from the UI. Learn more from this post!

release-bolivia.pngPhoto by Gonzalo Muñoz, a Smartcat user from Bolivia

If you prefer watching to reading, we'll be giving a webinar on the new release this Thursday. So, here's the Top 5:

1. Improved payments for freelancers and customers

Freelancers can now add a bank card for payouts right from the user interface: cardENfreel.gif Just to remind you, you can receive payouts to bank cards issued almost worldwide, and there’s no commission involved.🐦 So if you haven’t switched to this payout method already, we suggest that you do! Corporate account users, on the other hand, will enjoy the new Payments page, with a more legible table and filter layout.

2. New services in freelancer profiles (beta)

Freelancers can now add new services to their profiles, such as project management, desktop publishing, copywriting, and many more: PMen.gif

At the moment, the services are added for reference only, but soon customers will be able to search for them, so make sure to be among the first to be found!🐦

3. Adding dialectal and reverse translation memories

You can finally use dialect-based TMs for no-dialect projects (and vice-versa), and you can also add reverse-direction translation memories.🐦 For example, you can now add EN-ES and ES-ENUK TMs to an ES-EN project.

4. Creating API keys via user interface

You can now generate any number of API keys right from the UI: APIen.gif This makes it much easier to connect your Smartcat account to third-party services (e.g. Protemos), or to create an instant quote widget on your website.🐦 Note: This feature is available for corporate accounts only, but you can always create one (it's free) — just ask!

5. Handling nested spreadsheets

Smartcat will now identify spreadsheets nested within presentations (and vice-versa) and load them in the editor, just like any other document🐦 (make sure to tick the checkbox when uploading the document).

That’s it — make sure to test out the new features, join the webinar if you want to know more,🐦 and make sure to let us know what you think on the forum!