We're excited about every new release of SmarCAT, but "Caracas" is something truly revolutionary. It turns the platform into a full-fledged ecosystem that all translation businesses, whether individual or incorporated, can use for their direct benefit.


Note: We're giving a webinar on the new features this Thursday — don't miss!

Here are the additions we’re the most thrilled about (and you should be, too!).

Website Widget

Perhaps the most asked-for feature of Smartcat, the Widget is finally here! In case the title says nothing to you, it’s a nifty piece of interface that you can add to your website to get customer orders right on it. Here's how it looks for a website visitor:


Here's what's so awesome about it:

  • Your website visitors can upload files in dozens formats, or just enter the text they need to translate.
  • The price is calculated based on the client's choice of a complexity level and your rate (levels and rates are set in your LSP profile — see blow).
  • The corresponding project is automatically created in your Smartcat account, and you are notified as usual.

And you don't even need a webmaster to install it on your website — it's super easy to do!

LSP Marketplace

It is now possible to search for translation service vendors not only among freelancers, but among translation agencies and LSPs as well:


This feature works both from for registered users (accessed via menu), and for everyone else. In the latter case, the visitor just has to navigate to a special page on the Smartcat website, find a company, and place an order. The same project creation mechanics will be applied as for the Widget.

Beautiful LSP profiles

Of course, to be able to get new customers as a company, you need to have a compelling "landing page." That’s why we went to great lengths to update LSP profiles (which have been around for a while). Now they include company productivity stats, latest activity in the system, working hours, location, and client feedback. And, of course, clients can order your services right from your profile (even if they are not registered with Smartcat):


How cool is that? So, don't miss your chance to boost your translation business with us. Get the widget, fill in your profile, and let's rock this world together!

Note: We're giving a webinar on the new features this Thursday — don't miss!


Other features

For the record, other interesting features in Smartcat Release 58 include:

  • Enabling translation memories for certain target languages only,
  • Accessing project resources via a separate tab,
  • Better handling of placeholders,
  • More sophisticated glossary exports.

If you need help with any of those, just drop us a line via the feedback form!

Live demo

We know that getting the hang of so much new functionality may take time and raise a lot of questions. It just so happens (a pure coincidence!) that we're giving a webinar on running an agency on Smartcat on March 2. And we will surely devote a good deal of time to cover these new features. You can grab your seats (or watch the webinar in replay) here!

A personal note for freelancers

From Vova: I sometimes hear an opinion that we add more features for translation companies than for freelancers. This whole article, for instance, covers "corporate" features. BUT! You don't have to remain "just" a freelancer. It's perfectly fine if you do, and we hope Smartcat already gives you plenty of functionality to use it in your everyday work. Still, we urge you to aim higher! Smartcat opens a whole range of possibilities — the whole translation world of translation business. Our corporate accounts are free for unlimited use, so nothing keeps you of getting yourself one and trying to become an agency (translapreneur) yourself. All you have to do is write something like "Please create a corporate account for me" to support@smartcat.ai. Simple as that! So, my personal advice to you, my dear kollegen und kolleginnen: Don't wait for the future to come. Build it together with us!