Neural machine translation, uploading Trados translation memories, inserting placeables, parsing in-string HTML, and more — don't miss Smartcat Release 58.2 Maracaibo!

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More about the new features:

Trados TMs

Some time ago we have added the support of Trados packages. This made switching to Smartcat easier for translators and translation companies. But many users still had their translation memories kept in SDL's proprietary format (.SDLTM), so they had to resort to third-party converters to use them in Smartcat. With Maracaibo, you can now upload SDLTMs just like usual TMX files:


"Placeables" are elements of the source text that don't require translation. Now you can define them for all file formats and insert them into the target text by pressing Ctrl+Shift+1/2/3:

placeables.gifYou can read more about turning on, setting up and using placeables here.

Note: This is a beta feature available for business accounts only. If you want us to turn it on for you, write us at indicating the desired file formats (or "all formats"). If you don't have a business account, ask us to create one (it's free).

In-string HTML parsing

Localization-related file formats (PO, RESX, JSON, etc.) often include HTML code within strings to be translated. Now it will be treated just as in a usual HTML file, so you won't have to manually type in all the tags. Example: Say, you have a .JSON source file that looks like this: json-300x156.png

That is, purple_cat-300x24.png

Now, when uploaded to Smartcat, it will be shown in the Smartcat editor like this: json_smartcat-768x80.png Note: This is also a beta feature available for business accounts only. If you want us to turn it on for you, write us at If you don't have a business account, include a request to create one for you (it's free).

Neural Machine Translation

Finally, the star of this show. Starting with Maracaibo, you can use both Microsoft's and Google's NMT engines in your Smartcat workflow. You can configure them easily during or after project creation.

As usual, the one from Microsoft is available for free if you are willing to send your translations to Microsoft for bettering their engine. If not, both Google's and Microsoft's NMT cost the same as their non-NMT counterparts. Have fun comparing the two, and let us know which one you liked (or hated?) more!


Other additions include:

  • Improved placeholder user experience.
  • Improved glossary exports.
  • Improved UX with dialect glossaries.
  • Saving cursor position within segment after filter reset.
  • Choose the default TM discount rate matrix.

If you need any help using any of the new features, we're always there for you at!

Live Demo

Want to see and learn to use the new features live? The join our webinar on Thursday, March 16, at 3 pm UTC! (And if you are reading this after that date, you can watch the replay at the same link.)

Have fun using Smartcat, and let us know if you liked the new stuff!