No one wants to work in the last week of the year. No one except us! Today we are rolling out release 57 "Colombia," which includes a classy new workspace design, better payment UX, and a few other small but nifty features.

SmartCAT-R57-Colombia-768x384.jpgLet's take a closer look at the top five of them.

1. Redesigned Workspace

We made the design much cleaner and more focused. The menu has become darker, making the project space more visible and legible:


We want to thank you in advance for your patience getting used to the new interface — we know it takes time!

2. Better payment UX

We improved the payment workflow to make it more intuitive. Now customers can see if there are any amounts payable right from the workspace. We also improved the payment table, making it sortable by project name and payment date:


Now customers won't miss a payday, which is good news for freelancers as well ;-)

3. User and assignee management

You can now add users to your corporate account right from the workspace:


And you can also assign your favorite freelancers to a job right from the Assign Users page.

4. Better support for various file formats

Good news for localization specialists! We now support extended settings for .PO files, allowing you to configure them after uploading:


You can now also opt to load Powerpoint presentations with hidden slides and notes:


And we now provide better support for Indesign (IDML) files — let us know if you felt the difference!

5. Adding screenshots in the editor

Last but not least, you can now (finally!) add screenshots to comments right from the editor:


Now you won't have to use external web services to post screenshots when communicating with your team. At the moment, the feature runs in beta mode — let us know if you want to test it by emailing us at!

That's it — enjoy your holidays, and make sure to let us know what you think of our new release once you come back to work!