We are glad to share some hot news and introduce to you the new Smartcat Release 56 “Chile” — we've prepared some spicy new features for you!

Sample project

We made learning Smartcat much easier with the sample project. Now, after a user signs up, Smartcat will suggest to translate a short document with the most essential Smartcat concepts and instructions on how to use them. This feature will be useful both for our newly-registered users, who will now be able to get the basics more quickly, and for existing translation teams — now they will spend much less time educating their newly-invited translators.


Instant assignments

The Smartcat marketplace allows customers and freelancer to build long-lasting partnerships. Some of our corporate users have translators that they invite to almost every project, and the translators gladly accept such invitations. In these cases, the default process of two-step assignment (confirm availability → get assigned) is usually not needed. That's why, based on your requests, we have added the instant assignment feature. Now you can assign work to a freelancer that you are sure will take on a project without waiting for their reply to your invitation. This allows the freelancer to start working immediately. If a freelancer declines the invitation to the project, you will receive a notification and will be able to assign it to someone else.

Hiding the toolbar

hiding-the-toolbar-267x300.pngThrough interviewing our users, we learned that some of them like to have all controls within arm's reach, while others prefer a distraction-free environment. To suit the latter category, we're introducing the hide the toolbar feature that lets you expand your on-screen working space at any time. Just click the icon of two vertical arrows ︾ in the upper-right corner of the editor, and the toolbar will be hidden. The progress bar will automatically move to the top of the table with the segments, and more segments will be shown on the screen.

Filtering projects

We love that our users are enjoying the unlimited nature of Smartcat, which allows having unlimited projects in any account. Our most hardcore users have hundreds of projects on Smartcat, and especially for them we are introducing workspace filters. With filters, you can easily find a specific project. Click on the Filter icon above the list of projects to expand or minimize the filter panel in the right part of the screen. You can filter projects by name, creation date, and client. filtering-projects-e1479860444312.png

Excluding stats for locked segments

XLIFF and TTX files often come with some segments already translated, which are locked in the editor. Previously Smartcat calculated word counts for the whole document, including the locked segments. Now this is fixed, and stats for locked segments are excluded from the overall figures and shown separately in one line: lockedstats-1024x781.png

Other notable improvements include an updated view of pretranslation settings on the project page and clickable links in the chat window. And, of course, there were a lot of stability and performance improvements that will make your work in Smartcat even smoother and handier. We hope you will enjoy these new features. As usual, we are eager to hear what you think of them. If you have any comments or suggestions, do let us know in the comments below!