Smartcat release 55 “Brazil” brings some hot new features that make working in Smartcat even more easy and convenient for freelancers and companies alike. Bem-vindo ao Brasil!

Brazil-2.jpgHere are the most interesting new features in the release:

New chat

Smartcat Release 55 “Brazil” introduces a completely redesigned chat system for corporate accounts, with support of notifications and contact lists. Users will now see pop-up notifications when they receive new messages in the product, as well as an indicator of unread messages in the upper panel.


In the contact list, you will see and be able to chat with all other account. Project managers will also see all the freelancers ever invited/assigned to their projects. Newly invited freelancers are added to the contacts instantly.

For the time being, we only support one-on-one chats, but we are working on group chats as well!

Improved payment dashboard

We improved the dashboard where you can see the amounts payable (companies) or receivable (freelancers). Now all your billable items are presented in a filterable table. This should make it much more comfortable for users who have issued or fulfilled many orders on the platform.



Following Smartcat's successful presentation at the TAUS annual conference that brought us the second place in the Insider Innovation contest, we are rolling out the first iteration of chatbot support.

Corporate users can now link their Smartcat accounts to their Telegram accounts to receive notifications and get basic data on their projects. The following information can be retrieved in the initial version:

  • Progress data.
  • Direct chat messages.

We will be implementing much more exciting chatbot use cases soon, making the communication within Smartcat more convenient and effective for both freelancers and companies.

As a short teaser, here is a short video showing what it will be like to work using chatbots in near future: Impressive, isn't it?

Other noteworthy additions in this release include:

  • Bugfixes for tag handling in the editor.
  • Revisions are now updated during simultaneous document editing.
  • You can now get to the editor by clicking the entire line with the document name in the workspace.
  • Several language-specific QA bugfixes (for Asian languages and French).
  • Bugfixes for Android XML files.

That's it for today. As usual, if you have any issues, questions or suggestions for new features — do let us know at

Thank you for being with us, and stay tuned for Chile!