On April 6, Smartcat will host its unique and friendly Partner Day in Tokyo as part of a series of meetups we’re organizing worldwide. cover_blog_post.svg

Join us for some in-depth insights on what the future of translation technology holds for the industry, how to leverage collaboration in translation projects and where automation can take your business. Participation is free but be sure to grab your seat by registering here: https://www.smartcat.ai/events/tokyo18/


Leonid Glazychev, CEO at Logrus IT

“At Logrus IT, we started using Smartcat in early 2017, and have already integrated it into both our workflow for multiple clients and into our own automated solutions. One of the recent landmark achievements was the completion of a 400K word translation project during the weekend, and we were using Smartcat on that project. I was happy to participate in one of the Smartcat Partner Days in the US, and had the pleasure and privilege to deliver a presentation on the details of that epic project, challenges, risks, takeaways, etc. The Smartcat team did a great job creating a supportive, informal environment for anyone who wanted to learn more about the latest Smartcat features and developments, workflow and MT integrations, or to exchange thoughts with colleagues from the industry. The event allowed me to learn about a number of interesting ideas for the future and discuss them all with my peers, many of whom are reputable industry experts. The Tokyo event will cover different but no less exciting topics, and this will surely be a great place for the local translation community to learn, share ideas and experiences.”


5:00 PM — Kickoff

5:30 PM — Smartcat ecosystem vs legacy automation tools: Why your efficiency jumps when you stop counting users and paying for each license by Alex Muntyan, Head of Success Management, Smartcat

6:00 PM — Smartcat introduces Team Management: a platform where you can manage an unlimited number of suppliers and automate the entire scope of supply chain management routines by Max Morkovkin, Success Manager, Smartcat

6:15 PM — Powerful automation tools to create the future together by Yuka Ghesquiere Nakasone, Globalization and Localization Director, Beabloo

6:30 PM — Snack break

6:45 PM — Daiippo 第一歩 Communicate with a Buying-Unit not just the End-User by Jaffer Hussainee, COO, bioScene Informatics Inc.

7:00 PM — From conventional business to regional and digitized powerhouse: The journey and lessons learned by Carol Hong Yin Yin, Managing Director, Elite Translations Asia

7:15 PM — The ethics of machine translation by Renato Beninatto, CEO, Nimdzi

7:30 PM — Drinks and networking 8:00 PM — Wrap-up


Alex Muntyan, Head of Success Management at Smartcat

At Smartcat, Alex leads a group of customer success managers working closely with them to identify the Smartcat customers’ individual needs and expectations and offer them tailored solutions.

Max Morkovkin, Success Manager at Smartcat

Max is passionate about customer experiences and strive to make sure that the customers could make the most out of the tools Smartcat offers no matter how big and complex their projects are.

Yuka Ghesquiere Nakasone, Globalization and Localization Director at Beabloo

A passion for languages and foreign cultures, a love for technology and an insatiable curiosity have made Yuka Ghesquière Nakasone a localization specialist. Starting out more than two decades ago in a localization startup in Massachusetts, USA, she now leads a truly borderless life, combining her work as globalization and localization director for a Barcelona-based technology startup that operates in more than 20 countries in the world and the pleasure of the Spanish way of life with her own Franco-Japanese family.

Jaffer Hussainee, COO at bioScene Informatics Inc.

As a COO at bioScene, Jaffer maintains the company’s mission and focus to address the needs of the Japanese Life Science market. bioScene helps Japanese Life Science companies do business with the West markets and Western Life Science companies do business in Japan.

Carol Hong Yin Yin, Managing Director at Elite Translations Asia

Carol started her profession as a full-time translator in 2001 but always had entrepreneurial ambitions. In June 2006, she founded Elite Bilingual Services with a mission to provide quality English-Mandarin translation services to an impressive stable of clients from the advertising, legal and finance industries. The language pairs that the company offers have since expanded to over 20 languages. Carol were carefully building language talents with the same passion for language but from different cultural backgrounds. This in turn became the key success factor for Elite to establish itself as a reputable language service company that delivers the quality it has promised its clients.

Renato Beninatto, CEO at Nimdzi

Before co-founding Nimdzi Insights and stepping into the CEO’s shoes, Renato has served on the executive teams for some of the localization industry’s most prominent companies. He develops strategies that drive growth on a global scale and specializes in making companies successful in global markets and in starting businesses that span across borders. His expertise combines sales, marketing, content strategies with P&L responsibility, having helped companies dramatically increase revenues in short periods of time. Renato is a frequent speaker on globalization and localization issues at industry events and universities around the world. He is the author of three books on global business.

Date and time: April 6, 5:00—8:00 pm

Venue: Tokyo Bay Hilton

Cost: FREE Grab your seat now