We have added new file formats and simplified vendor payments. The highlight of this release is the translator profile, which offers clients a powerful and simple way to find freelancers for translation tasks.


Smartcat now supports translator profiles

Personalize your Profile

Now freelancers can indicate their contact information, language pairs, services and rates: the My Profile menu has been added in Smartcat.

Here's how it works: a freelancer fills out his or her profile. Clients can then search profiles by keywords in order to offer tasks to freelancers of interest.

Vendors: Cost Estimates and Payments

Paying vendors has become easier in this release. Now the vendor simply indicates the cost of work directly in Smartcat and attaches the invoice or the cost estimate by clicking the Cost and Payment button. You are notified and, after payment is made, the vendor records this in the system.

New Formats

We have added JSON to the list of supported file types. This will simplify the process of translating websites and applications in Smartcat.

Beta support is also available for INX files and import from PHP arrays. To obtain access to these beta features, write to support@smartcat.ai and we will activate them for your account.