Smartcat has recently established a new partnership with Deoling, a Polish software development company. Deoling provides on-premise TMS and other IT systems for LSPs and translators. The company specializes in CAT/TMS integrations and automation of various processes such as customer service, payments, order placement, accounting, etc.

Deoling was founded by Patrick Repetski, who was brought up in a family of sworn translators. After running his own translation agency — one of the first in the region to heavily rely on technology — he sold the company and decided to start Deoling, a company that provides dedicated IT solutions for the translation industry.

“We want more agencies to get to know us. We also want to educate the market and explain why automation is not only important but necessary to stay profitable,” says Repetski. “We hope to build even bigger and more advanced systems for the most demanding customers around the world. We also want to establish strong partnerships with the industry’s tech leaders such as Smartcat. We feel that we have the same goal of driving the industry and its players towards a technologically rich future.”

“At Smartcat, we have a never-ending desire to bring all market players under one roof,” says Arseniy Konov, Head of Marketing at Smartcat. “Our platform allows language experts, LSPs and customers to find each other and use the right tools to pursue their goals. Together with Deoling, we can bring the right tech to the right people with the best result for everyone. We believe that with Deoling’s help, we can broaden Smartcat’s integration opportunities and ultimately create benefits for our mutual customers.”