Smartcat has partnered with TEXTree, a South Korean company offering full-service localization, content creation, and marketing solutions. As a value-added reseller, TEXTree will help Smartcat expand to Korea’s translation market as the ecosystem continues to grow its presence worldwide. textree-announcement.svg

TEXTree is a Seoul-based company offering end-to-end language, marketing, management, and consulting solutions to companies that want to internationalize their content. From multilingual translation and content creation to corporate document management and multi-channel publishing, TEXTree specializes in providing services tailored to customers’ needs through its expertise in localization, content development, and global marketing.

As Smartcat continues partnering with translation companies from all around the world, it has recently teamed up with the South Korean LSP, who will help bring Smartcat’s solution to local customers, including companies and translation buyers.

Since South Korea is known to be one of the most technologically advanced and connected countries in the world, local LSPs, localization teams, and end customers will appreciate Smartcat’s powerful cloud-based ecosystem that enables advanced workflow automation and unique collaboration in translation projects of any type, scale and complexity. Featuring unique supply chain management capabilities, a highly effective billing and payout system and the ability to create integrated solutions, Smartcat offers an unmatched experience to anyone involved in the translation process — translators, editors, project managers, and clients themselves.


River Lee, CTO at TEXTree

“Smartcat provides a convenient collaborative system for the language services that utilize the cloud environment, as well as an ecosystem that can benefit every stakeholder in the language services field. Through our participation in accomplishing Smartcat’s vision, we will be able to provide a more advanced language service environment to our customers and partners. By combining TEXTree’s content management and language service solutions — such as Smartcat, Contentree, and LABIT — we will enhance the value we deliver to our customers.”


Ivan Smolnikov, CEO at Smartcat

“Translation companies working in global economic hubs such as Seoul often have to deal with unusual projects that require innovative, leading-edge solutions. In addition to all of the great features available to any Smartcat user right out of the box and at no cost, we’ll be happy to offer 24/7 support, custom development solutions, and our implementation expertise to those companies that are willing to tackle extra challenging projects. Another feature we believe many Korean LSPs will find useful is Smartcat’s automated billing and payout system. It helps companies effortlessly calculate costs in their projects and make payments to contributors located anywhere in the world in a few clicks while staying compliant with local and international regulatory requirements.”

In 2017, Smartcat has gained 15 new partners, including Into23, Intento, Localex, Saylon, Braahmam and other translation companies and technology developers from all around the globe. As the number of companies who share Smartcat’s vision continues to grow, we encourage more forward-thinking translation industry players worldwide to join our ecosystem.