The main changes in this version of Smartcat relate to video guides, quality assurance, dictionary use, and technical support. Details are set out below and, as always, we will be glad to receive your input and suggestions.

Find and Replace

Our biggest change. Now in the Editor you can find words and phrases easily. Enter a search query and the system displays all segments containing the word or phrase in the query. You can use a case-sensitive search by selecting the relevant check box. Another new feature in this release is replacement of words and phrases, one by one (Replace) or all at once (Replace All).


Video Guides

Forgotten how to use Smartcat? In the black bar at the top of the page, click Help. Then, under Video guides, find videos that provide an overview of the system interface and descriptions of project, translation memory and glossary management, as well as the Editor.


Automatic Confirmation of Pretranslated Segments

You now have the option to set the sequence and conditions for pretranslation using translation memories and machine translation engines. You can also decide whether to confirm the pretranslated segments.


Lingvo Dictionaries

Now every Smartcat user can use Lingvo dictionaries for free! Go to the Search tab or access these dictionaries right in the Editor.


Automatic Project QA

Smartcat can perform per-document or project-wide quality assurance checks. Select the document or documents and click the QA Check button.


Errors are grouped by type and can be easily fixed: click Go to segment to jump to the segment in the editor and make changes.


Technical Support

Send us feedback, questions and error reports through the built-in feedback form. In the main menu or in the Editor, click Send Feedback at the top of the page. Select the message type, enter your message, and click Send. Our technical support managers will get back to you very shortly.