Greetings! We've been busy improving and tweaking Smartcat, so we will be regularly showing how to make the most of its new features. More updates are in store! Changes in this release concern sentence auto-capitalization as well as document segmentation. Contact Us

Sentence Auto-Capitalization

If you accidentally start a segment translation with a lower-case letter, Smartcat automatically corrects the letter to upper case. To undo this change, press Ctrl + Z or click Undo Autocorrection in the flyout that automatically appears next to the capitalized word.

Tip for advanced users: to switch the capitalization of selected text, press Shift + F3.


Convenient Document Segmentation

We have added a number of exceptions in this update for handling some of the most common segmentation errors. Sentences will no longer be split into two or more segments due to the presence of a period in street names ("123 Main St. is our headquarters location"), titles ("Let me introduce Mr. Smith") and so on.


Stay tuned and learn more about Smartcat updates in future release notes.