As luck may have it, our 13th issue comes in a week following Friday the 13th. But we will not post yet other 13 fun facts about this date. Instead, we will focus on much more fortunate things.


Smartcat Certified: First Steps

With more than 80,000 freelancers onboard, we are ready to make a big step forward and introduce Smartcat Certified. Having this status will increase translators' chances to be hired on the platform. The fun part is that we want you to help us shape the certification process to make it as logical and community-friendly as possible! (More...)

Challenges of becoming a freelance translator

Being a freelance translator is great. But becoming one requires facing a number of challenges, not all of which are obvious at first. In this post, we’ll try to identify the most prominent challenges, and provide a few clues as to how to overcome them — in the end, the solutions you implement will always be quite unique to you. (More...)

Free webinar for aspiring freelancers

This is an introductory webinar for aspiring freelance translators that will introduce you to our upcoming free course, "Fully Booked in 6 Months." In the intro webinar, we will discuss the major challenges that freelancers face in the beginning of their careers and include an extensive Q&A session. (More...)

Smartcat Freelancer Essentials

Speaking of webinars, last week we gave one on how freelancers can make the most of being Smartcat users. In case you missed it, you can watch a replay on YouTube, together with a clickable index of basic topics and Q&As discussed in the webinar. (More...)

How should we name our future releases?

You might have noticed that our releases since last July were codenamed according to country phone number prefixes. We are thinking to change this scheme this year. Help us find the right one by suggesting your options on the forum! (More...)

That's it — enjoy the rest of the week, and good luck!