The year is approaching its final days, but we still have time to learn a bit, don't we? Here's what we have for you in the (second) celebratory issue of Smart Ways.


Smartcat Release 57 "Colombia"

Today we are launching our next release, which includes, among other things, a thoroughly redesigned workspace. UI changes seldom go unnoticed — so we're eagerly waiting for your feedback :-) Read more about the new release here.

New Year's resolutions

Are you one someone who considers the last days of December a good time to make resolutions for the coming year? Then you might want to read a guest post by Pieter Beens and give yourself a break. Here's the link.

Tapping into translators' creativity

What was the last time you read a book about yourself? The holidays are just the right time to do this. We have published excerpts from "Tapping Into Translators' Creativity" by Magda Phili and encourage you to buy the book. You can read the excerpts here.

Five webinars for translators

Just in case you missed our previous newsletter, we remind you that we have five free webinars planned for you in January and February, on topics ranging from starting out as a translator to launching your own agency. You can read more and register here.

Here's to 2017!

Last but not least, we want to thank all of you for being with us — we truly, sincerely appreciate that! 2016 was a challenging year, but we're sure that together we can overcome all the challenges. Here's to an interesting 2017!