The Smartcat interface continues to evolve. In this update, we've overhauled the project creation wizard to make it more modern and intuitive. Keep on reading to learn about this and other new improvements!

That’s how the new wizard looks like:

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Support for Regional Language Variantsnew

When setting up large multilingual projects, you can now select which language variant to use for translation, such as Portuguese (Brazil) or Portuguese (Portugal). Here is the list of variants currently supported in SmartCAT:

  • English: United Kingdom, United States, Australia
  • Chinese: the PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan
  • Spanish: Spain, Mexico, Argentina
  • Portuguese: Portugal, Brazil
  • French: France, Canada
  • Norwegian: Bokmål, Nynorsk


Regional language variants are distinct, meaning that Portuguese, Portuguese (Portugal), and Portuguese (Brazil) are treated as different from each other. Be sure to select the right variant when starting a project. For example, if you create a project from French into English (United Kingdom), you cannot utilize a translation memory in the French>English (United States) pair.

Placeholder Improvements

If you localize sites or apps, and work with PO, JSON, PHP, or XML files, you can make use of placeholders. A placeholder is a variable that “stands in” for particular content: this content could be a name, number, date, or image. The necessary value is inserted automatically, without uploading the document again. We have improved handling of placeholders in SmartCAT. Now if you notice an error with placeholder display, you can change placeholder settings or refresh placeholder markup, without uploading the document again.


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