Smartcat now has tons of new features for both freelancers and corporate clients. The updates address work in the Editor, personal profiles, and machine translation. Let's get started!



Download documents from the Editor

Now Smartcat users can download documents right from the Editor. There's no need to go back to the Projects menu: after completing your translation and confirming all the segments, click the export button to the right of the toolbar, choose a format, and download your translated file.


Repetition propagation throughout all project documents

We hope you already enjoy the auto-propagation of repeated segments, where all identical segments are automatically pre-translated throughout the text. This function is especially handy when translating documents with lots of repetitions, including tables, financial summaries or technical specs. Now auto-propagation covers all the files in a given project. We recommend this method when translating several texts at once that are thematically linked. If your documents have identical phrases that should be translated differently, this function can be disabled by simply opening the Customization window in the right-hand side of the Editor. For example, the phrase 'all right' might be translated in one text differently.


The number of repetitions is recorded in the Statistics section, which is now even handier for working with a multitude of documents and languages. Now Statistics open up on a new page, and if you're working with numerous documents, unneeded tables can just be closed.


Fast machine translation

Smartcat users no longer need to create a project to use machine translation (MT). Instead, you just upload a file, choose a suitable MT engine, and then download the translated document.

Uploaded files are stored in the database for 7 days.

Contact us at to enable this feature.


Personal profile portfolio

To get more orders in Smartcat, upload certificates, diplomas, and other documents attesting to your qualifications directly to your portfolio.


Navigating segments

Now you can quickly access any segment if you know its number. This is done using a special toolbar button and the shortcut Ctrl+G. Please remember that when uniting/dividing segments and updating documents, segment numbers may change.

In addition, now you can choose how to move from one segment to another: either the next one in order, or the next unconfirmed one. Use the Ctrl+Enter shortcut to choose your favorite.




Sometimes customers ask translators to keep their texts a secret. This most often occurs when translating financial reports and business plans.

So the customer and freelancer sign a non-disclosure agreement: the latter downloads the document, prints, signs, and uploads it back.

The freelancer will be denied access to project documents until they sign and upload the agreement; the NDA is available for download directly from Smartcat.

Freelancer work stats

Now translation is even more transparent. Managers can now always stay abreast of their project, see how much each freelancer has translated and the amount of repetitions and TM matches.

Click Export in the right-hand corner of the upper navigation bar on the Project Statistics page. An individual freelancer stats file is then generated, containing all project assignments, as well as the total and translated/edited volume with repetitions and TM matches. Data will be finalized for download once a project is completed.

Note: freelancer work stats have been being collected since March 3.


Reviews and feedback

Smartcat has had a freelancer marketplace where you can find a translator/editor tailored to your specific project for a long time now.

As soon as a freelancer completes their translation (or you reject them before they finish), you'll receive a letter asking you to review and comment on their work. Quality and deadline management are assessed separately.

Moderators check every review and piece of feedback underpinning freelancer ratings.