Smartcat’s newest agency partner is Traduality Language Solutions, an LSP mainly operating in Latin America and the US and focusing on industrial, technology, and creative translations. The main goal of the venture is to help other Latin American companies grow by using cutting-edge translation technology from Smartcat. As part of the partnership, Traduality plans to provide new experts and LSPs to the platform and help us expand Smartcat’s brand awareness in the USA and Latin America.

Traduality was founded in Costa Rica in 2010 as ACROtranslations. By 2012 the business had grown a little bit, and the name of the company was changed to Traduality (a portmanteau between the words Traducción (translation in Spanish) + Quality). In 2013 it moved to Mexico, and in 2018 Traduality established itself in the USA. Thus, Traduality rose the ranks from a freelancer trying to popularize the brand’s name to a company that has offices in both Americas.

“In our translations, we used to rely completely on MemoQ and Trados,” says Traduality founder Diego Achío. “You know how expensive these tools are? They hit you hard if you are running a small business and even more if you need to use their server options. We started to use Smartcat for testing as part of trying to find a way to cut our service expenses, and we were surprised by the result. We think Smartcat still has room for improvement but it is definitely capable of competing against the industry-leading CAT tool providers — which is why we made the decision to form this partnership.”

“We are building a platform for linguists, translation companies, and end customers where they can find each other and work towards their mutual goals,” says Arseniy Konov, Smartcat Head of Marketing. “Freelancers and LSPs from all around the world can find everything they need: customers, translation tools, vendors, and much more. With the help of Traduality, we want to tell our story to all kinds of professional and academic societies in the Americas.”

About Traduality

Company’s services include Technical Translations, Certified Translations, Interpretations (simultaneous, consecutive, even remote interpretations via Skype), Localization (websites, SEO, marketing, software, video games), Transcriptions, and Subtitling.