Expanding its ecosystem and following its #ConnectingPurple tagline, Smartcat.ai is introducing smart❤, an AI-powered dating app for translators. The app will make it easier for linguists all over the world to find their significant other based on their experience and skills.


Translating is a mostly solitary job. And after many talks with our users and industry stakeholders, we have decided to help single linguists find their SO. Today, we introduce our dating app, smart❤ (pronounced "smartheart"). The twist: When looking for your perfect partner, smart❤ will take into account your professional profile and the history of your translations on Smartcat. More specifically, the matching algorithm will analyze your language pairs, specializations, rates, as well as the statistical occurrence of different words within your projects (but only those you explicitly mark as non-confidential — we under no circumstances will break the confidentiality of your work on the platform.) The algorithm goes beyond simple bayesian correspondence. For instance, if you work in the EN-ES pair and specialize in technical translations, smart❤ will not find look for partners with the same parameters. Instead, it will search for EN-ES translators who have other specializations, or technical translators in other pairs. This way, you will not only be able to find a partner for your personal life, but also a companion for a joint translation business. Granted, there’s a long way to go to turn smart❤ into an ideal dating app for translators, but we are very optimistic about its future. Our ultimate goal is to help create create hundreds of happy translator families and lineages. The feature is now open for beta testing. If you want to try it out, just tweet us!

Have any of you already found your significant other among your colleagues? Help us use your experience to better the app — speak up on our forum!