Smartcat is continuing its expansion into new markets. This November, we entered the UK market by partnering with LocServe Limited, a Manchester-based company that provides localization and technical services to LSPs and end clients. Together with Smartcat, LocServe will bring a new age of translation technology to British localization companies and experts.

LocServe was founded in 2012 by Noel McCourt. The company initially operated as a non-linguistic service provider to the localization industry offering engineering, software and website testing, process development and consultancy services. Today, LocServe offers a full range of linguistic services.

“We focus on providing technical services and finding solutions to the problems posed by the ever-changing localization landscape. The barriers of entry to the industry have never been lower, and this is fantastic for smaller service providers and talented freelancers, but it’s increasingly a challenge to ensure quality is not diluted,” says McCourt. “LocServe has always used a variety of TMS and CAT tools, opting for those which met specific requirements. Smartcat has provided unprecedented accessibility with virtually no training required to get started, which is making a big difference in getting projects up and running.”

“We know the struggle that small LSPs face when trying to storm international markets, and that’s why we work hard to give freelance experts, LSPs and end-customers equal opportunities to work on an international scale and in an intuitive, free-to-use, professional environment,” says Arseniy Konov, Smartcat’s Head of Marketing. “LocServe is our first Agency Partner based exclusively in the UK, and we’re thrilled to have a partner that will focus on this historically critical market.”