Smartcat is a cloud-based platform that's so easy to use, translators can get started right away. When questions come up, we invite translators to participate in our webinars.

These free virtual training sessions are held separately for freelance translators and for corporate clients. In today's post we'd like to focus on the webinars for freelancers.

These events are held at least twice monthly, and everyone is welcome to join in. Simply select a convenient date on the website and sign up.


First, users are introduced to key concepts (translation memory, glossaries, machine translation) and see how to work with them in practice. Then the topic list expands, with quick tutorials on how to upload documents for translation and create projects, add glossaries and translation memories, set up machine translation, quality assurance and pretranslation.

We describe how to use project resources, search for text, ensure quality, and handle terms and tags. The final project stage is covered as well: Smartcat exports bilingual files or "clean" files (containing just the translation), as well as project translation memories, which you can send to clients in standard formats.

This is followed by a question-and-answer session. We stay until all questions have been answered – all told, webinars usually last close to 90 minutes.

Webinars are just one of the resources available to Smartcat users. We have collected answers to almost every question imaginable in the online help. In addition, you can always write to technical support at Response times are four hours or less. But to see Smartcat in action and get instant answers to your questions, we recommend checking out the webinars first.

You can view recordings of previous sessions on YouTube:

Here is what participants have had to say about the webinars: Stefania Fava, translator from English and German to Italian:


Thank you, I enjoyed the webinar very much. It was very good and useful.

Andrea Bruciati, translator from English and Spanish to Italian:


I think it is a great idea for introducing people to Smartcat, it gives a wide overview of the program.

Elena Gonzalez:


Very useful. Short and to the point!

Anonymous translator:


It covered almost all of the features of Smartcat. It would be useful to get a recording of these lessons.

So sign up for the webinars and see for yourself! If you have questions about Smartcat, ask them in the comments below or write to us at