Information below is outdated since Lilt is no longer available in Smartcat. Try the other machine translation services we’ve integrated with Smartcat in 2018, including DeepL, Amazon Translate, and Baidu Translate.

Dear friends! We’re excited to announce we have just added adaptive machine translation, powered by Lilt, to the Smartcat editor. Lilt offers a different way to translate, and within the Smartcat ecosystem it has become even more powerful than intended.


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How does Lilt work?

Lilt’s revolutionary approach to computer-assisted translation reinvents the process. The engine learns as you type and, based on the input data, generates relevant suggestions. Lilt not just memorizes words and phrases, it also picks up the syntax and style of the content you translate. But before you even begin using it, Lilt will automatically and instantly study every translation memory in the project to provide better suggestions.

How do I use it?

Originally a standalone solution, it is now conveniently available in the Smartcat editor. Giving full access to the features of this unique technology, our developers worked closely with the UI designers to ensure the new functions are intuitive and convenient to use. Let’s see how Lilt can actually help translators. As you go, it offers suggestions from which you can select the most relevant one by pressing Enter. Below, the alternative options are also available.


Whenever you select a suggested word or phrase, or type a new one, you train Lilt, so it can adapt to your content and provide better suggestions. The animation below shows the process. Once Lilt has learned the informal way of saying “going to”, it will prompt the contraction in the Alternatives section.


Lilt can memorize and suggest not only single words but also whole phrases.


Seamless teamwork

Lilt can work magic for teams, providing additional quality assurance in collaborative projects.

With it, translators can maintain a consistent style and syntax across texts, making the editor’s part in the translation process much easier. This unique kind of interaction between human linguists and machine learning algorithms saves everyone time and effort so more work can be done faster, easier and better.

How do I start using it?

The unique translation experience Lilt offers is just a checkbox away. No additional efforts you might expect, such as tricky MT engine training, are required. To enable Lilt, simply navigate to the Resources tab in the project for which you would like to use it and select “Use Lilt” in the Machine Translation settings. This is a paid feature. The price for using this feature in Smartcat is the same as the one you’d pay for using Lilt’s own solution, so you get all the Smartcat perks, including our outstanding collaboration capabilities, for free.

Available languages

Currently, Lilt supports translation between English and Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. If you need a specific language pair that isn’t available yet, let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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