We invite you to try out the Smartcat online translation platform. Over 30,000 translators natively speaking over 60 languages have already signed up! Smartcat is free for all freelancers. To get started, click here.

What makes Smartcat so special?

  • You don't need to download or install anything! Everything in Smartcat occurs right in your browser window. After signing up, you can log in from any computer anywhere in the world to instantly access your projects, glossaries, and other materials (including Translation Memory assets). Translation Memory stores source sentences from your previous work with the matching translations. When you work on new jobs, Smartcat automatically inserts the translations you have made of similar text in the past. The result is that you translate for your clients more quickly and more consistently.
  • About clients: using Smartcat does not restrict who you can perform jobs for. You are welcome to create projects for any client, and ABBYY employees do not have access to your data.
  • The functions needed for everyday translation work (Translation Memory, glossaries, automatic quality assurance, and much more) will always remain free of charge. You will also receive a free bonus package entitling you to machine translation and/or OCR scanning of 100 pages of text.

Smartcat is easy to configure, manage, and use. To minimize the effort and expense of mastering the platform, we offer several support and learning options:

  • 24-hour technical support (support@smartcat.pro)
  • Free webinars – sign up here
  • Video lessons and user guide (create an account to view)

We are constantly working to improve the platform. Your feedback and suggestions are a key part of the process. The next feature we add may be the result of a suggestion from you!

We look forward to answering your questions.