We are constantly adding new ways for Smartcat freelancers to receive money in their local environments. Now Turkey is on the list as well!local-bank-transfers-turkey.svgStarting December 15, 2017, Turkish freelancers are able to receive payouts in Turkish liras right to their local bank accounts.

How it works

If you are a freelancer based in Turkey, you can now receive payouts in TRY right to your local bank account. This payment method will soon be available as an option on the Payments page. In the meantime, you can send us your local bank account details to success@smartcat.ai if you want to opt for it. 26 Dec Update: You can now select the new payout method on the Payments page.

There is no commission for transfers exceeding 900 TRY. For smaller amounts, the commission is 17 TRY. We recommend setting the rates in your profile in Turkish liras. In this case, there will be no additional exchange commissions involved in the transfer.

No more international wire transfers

After enabling local wire transfers, we will soon remove international wire transfers in USD as an option. The method proved to be too expensive on commissions and has no additional benefits compared to the newly introduced way.

Payouts to bank cards

You will still be able to receive earnings to your Visa or Mastercard. There is no outbound commission charged by Smartcat for such payouts, which are always sent in EUR or USD. At the same time, note that if you have a TRY card the amounts will be converted by your bank, which may set its own additional fees or unfavorable exchange rates. Your bank card must support Visa Direct or Mastercard MoneySend to be able to receive such payouts. Make sure to find out if it does by calling your bank before enabling this payment method. Another option is to use Smartcat Mastercard, a special bank card issued by our payment partner. Eligible Smartcat users can get it for free. You can read more about the eligibility criteria and terms of use here. Will you opt for local wire transfers or bank card payouts? Will you order a Smartcat Mastercard? Let us know in the community forums!